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2015 Greenpass Come Unity seminar

In Zagreb, Croatia the “2016 Greenpass Come Unity” seminar was held between 1-6 August. The organiser was All different – all equal Belgrade network and partner organisations. The main topics of the seminar were youth activism, solidarity and alternative economy. Seminar gathered together above 20 people from Albania, Belarus, Bulgaria, Croatia, Lithuania, Montenegro, Serbia, Kosovo, Republic of Macedonia. Montenegro was represented by the MEP Association.

The Greenpass project was about motivating and building capacity of young people coming from youth organization from all over Europe to take an active role in the society by starting, taking part or joining already existing citizen initiatives that are aiming to strengthen local communities in an attempt to create a socially just society and economy based on fair and shared responsibility for overall well-being of people. The solution to the ongoing crisis won’t come with continuation of consumerist way of living. In this era of globalization, general mistrust and alienation between people, we promote return to the basic, interpersonal, communal relations.

Greenpass intended to explore alternative views on economy, development of local exchange systems, and empower participatory approach to economics which would enable young people to be more autonomous when it comes to employment and build their capacities for entering the labor market. Self-employment and cooperation work is one of the key solutions to tackling the more prevalent unemployment and we believe raising awareness of the possibilities offered by local community is a good start together with building some of the key skills.

The main aim of Greenpass project were to promote an alternative economic vision for young people which would be completely under the control of people and would serve for improvement of people’s welfare. The new system, based on egalitarianism and equal opportunities, should supplement the prevailing capitalistic one in a way that will protect communities and individuals providing them with much needed security, basic necessities, work opportunities and social surrounding where they can fulfill their potential. Participants joining this project are the means of spreading the idea throughout the Europe and will serve as a center of new clusters made of people sharing the same ideas, motivation and enthusiasm. Those clusters will be the foundation of change within their communities where one’s necessities, whether work or of welfare, will be realized.

The project intended:

  1. to encourage social dialogue on all levels of society on constructing a system that would enable achievement of social justice and provide work experience and training for youth. By providing participants with examples for best practices and motivating them for action we strive;
  2. to enhance their political participation in their local communities and societies; and
  3. to raise their capacities and develop practical skills for accomplishing transformation towards sustainable and socially just society where work opportunities are available for everybody.

Beside lectures, workshops and panel-discussions, role-play-game was held where the participants simulated the political process. The seminar hosted guest lecturers. Among else, participants were honoured to attend the lecture held by Jean Lambert, the former Member of the European Parliament (Greens/EFA, UK). Mrs Lambert overviewed the current local and global issues and shared her political experience.

This event was supported by Council of Europe European Youth Foundation.