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Montenegrin language ISO code [cnr] assigned

United Nations Advisory Committee, with HQ at the Library of Congress in Washington DC finally approves request for defining the language code within ISO 639 for Montenegrin, submitted by the National Library of Montenegro “Djurdje Crnojevic”.


ISO code for Montenegrin language shall be [cnr]. Enlgish name: “Montenegrin“, French name: “monténégrin”; original names: “crnogorski jezik” (Latin script) and “црногорски језик“ (Cyrillic script).

ISO 639 tables shall soon be updated.

First written request for the assignment of international code was submitted to the technical committee ISO 639 in July 2008. Complete paperwork was forwarded to Washington in September 2015. After the long procedure, the request was approved on Friday, December 8th 2017.



Source: NBĐC