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Open Forum Podgorica 2015 held

Intesive seminar “Open Forum Podgorica” was held on 10th and 11th October 2015 at the premises of Montenegro Business School (Mediterranean University Podgorica). Forum was organised by the Montenegrin Economy and Politics Assiciation (MEP). It gathered together over thirty people over Montenegro as well as the South-Eastern Europe region. Participants discussed the issues of entrepreneurship, media and activism.

Panelists of the Youth and Entrepreneurship session were Aco Šćekić (bankar.me, portal for the bankers), Danilo Popović (zaposli.me, employer-employee portal) and Vuk Mrkaić (the Upperfield project). They discussed the development of ideas, entrepreneurial spirit, opportunities and the barriers of the Montenegrin market, successes and falls, and the future plans. They also shared their valuable experience and gave several useful tips to the participants of the Open Forum.


Panel Youth and Media summoned Iva Malešević (Students’ radio Krsh), Maja Lalić (Public Service Portal RTCG.me) and the guest from Zagreb, Croatia Selma Pezerović (Portal Ziher.hr). They interacted with the participants, discussing the issues of participation of the youth in media, representation of youth-related topics, media content creation, sensationalism and unbiased journalism, role of the social networks and the sustainability of the media.


Panel Youth and Activism which was held during the second conference’s day was the most massive. The panelists were MsC Vladimir Antonijević from Serbia, Pero Šundić (director of the Bedem Fest), Maša Vujisić (Rotaract Podgorica) and Miloš Zvicer, director of photo studio. Each panelist shared their citizen activism experience from their perspective to the participants of the Forum.


After each panel-discussion, the workshops related to the each topic were held. At the Entrepreneurship workshop, participants competed in making the SWOT analysis of two debated Internet portals (bankar.me and zaposli.me). At the media workshop, participants discussed the media jargon and the significance of unbiased and objective news creation. The basics of the Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) were explained upon the Activism panel.


At the end of the Forum participants received the Certificates.  MEP announced organising the similar events of the future.