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Bleak Faith: Forsaken – a game that changes the RPG universe

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Bleak Faith: Forsaken RPG – a game that changes the RPG universe

Within the campaign “We Live Culture”, which is being implemented by the Ministry of Culture for the second year now, we continue to present creators whose work was supported by the second call for proposals of the Creative Montenegro program. Out of thirteen projects, in terms of concept and interest outside our borders, stands out “Bleak Faith – Forsaken”, a Montenegrin ICT project, the first of its kind in the field of video game development in our country. The demo of this video game has already fascinated the broad gaming world, and the creators of the concept are Podgorica developer Mirko Stanic and his cousin, Miso Vukcevic.


The Ministry of Culture of Montenegro supported Bleak Faith – Forsaken in addition to the successful Kickstarter campaign conducted by the authors of this project last year. Kickstarter is the most popular online support platform for artists in the world, and the planned continuation of this campaign will aim to upgrade the technical capacity needed to further develop this video game. It will also serve to create a regional platform that should involve and recruit new players from different fields who would work on the development of this or any future gaming industry project.

“In fact, Miso has been working on this project for two years. He started it off as a graphic novel, but eventually went on to create a video game. He did all this alone. Talking about this topic, we came up with the idea of ​​doing something together. At first, we wanted it to be another project, but the longer we thought, the more the idea of ​​continuing and improving his Bleak Faith was imposed, with certain changes, of course, ”

Mirko Stanic explains.

The project is designed as a horror-survival RPG (role play) in a medieval setting, and Stanic emphasizes that there is no competition when it comes to video games like this.

“As much as it comes out during the year, we are not at a loss because people buy one at a time. Plus, there are no physical copies, everything is digital, ” says Stanic.

He also recalls that they raised $ 31,000 on Kickstarter last June.

“It is quite possible that we will be opening another kickstarter soon, perhaps by the end of March. We aim to raise $ 100,000 to cover all marketing and core sales needs, ” Stanić notes.

He also added that his partner Miso Vukcevic improved the video game graphics, that he modeled on the mountains of Montenegro, and also incorporated the recognizability of our urban architecture.

Stanic points out that working on such a complex project requires a lot of time, that their working day knows that it can take up to 20 hours each, and the working week is often without a day off.

“We try because we care about getting the best possible result. As for the video game production itself, everything is going well, we have not had any obstacles so far, except lack of money. But it can be resolved, too, ” Stanic notes.

When they finish the video game, their desire, he says, is to open a company in Montenegro in order to start the wheels of the gaming industry in our country, which does not currently exist.

In this context, the Ministry of Culture during 2020 will continue to intensify activities that will contribute to improving the work environment in the field of video game design and development, with the aim of creating a community that will strengthen Montenegro’s position as a creative destination.

Recall that the first competition under the Creative Montenegro program last year brought a number of products that, with the support of the Ministry of Culture, were presented to the domestic and international markets. The results of the first competition, in which we supported 11 projects, were the key reason for the program to be continued – with an even wider range of areas supported during the second competition.

What is Bleak Faith?

Bleak Faith is a third-person open world survival horror action RPG set in a universe you’ve never experienced before. Play as one of the Forsaken, the last frontier of humanity against the growing horrors of the Omnistructure. As you find yourself stranded in a faraway outpost, you must adapt in order to survive. The world won’t wait for you though, you must venture into the unknown – your faith will decide your fate.

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