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Call for progress on energy and tax fraud and evasion

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President Barroso has today made a push to make significant progress on energy and tax fraud and evasion at the European Council. Writing to other European leaders, Barroso highlights the considerable difference in energy prices across the EU because of the fragmented EU energy market and the failure to tap the benefits of energy efficiency. He says that the EU has part of the solution to high energy prices in its hands – if we complete our internal energy market and implement existing legislation. President Barroso says that it is urgent to complete the transposition and implementation of the third energy package and to take urgent steps to facilitate sustainable private and public investment, including on EU-level, in our energy infrastructure.

On tax fraud and evasion, President Barroso highlights the amount of tax revenue that member states are losing. He calls for member states to decide on the savings tax directive and the implementation of the Commission’s action plan on strengthening the fight against tax fraud and tax evasion and the two recommendations presented by the Commission on tax havens and aggressive tax planning. President Barroso announces that the European Commission will present a legislative proposal to extend the scope of automatic exchange under the Administrative cooperation Directive. This will ensure the full and consistent coverage of all relevant types of income across all member states.

Source: European Commission

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