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New EU agencies locations decided on – coin toss!

The headquarters of the European Medicines Agency (EMA) will be moved to Amsterdam after Brexit, EU affairs ministers announced. The European Banking Authority, also currently in London, will move to Paris. The decision follows months of intensive lobbying. 6273

Belgrade: Case study of the new visual identity

fter the launchin of capaing for the new visual identity of Serbia, designer Vladan Pavlovic continued with re-branding of cities. First is Belgrade, the Serbian Capital. In the following lines you may find his case study. Today, it has become regular to redesign obsolete identities of cities, municipalities, regions and states,

Montenegro or the Republic of Montenegro?

dan državnosti crne gore statehood day montenegro crna gora 13 jul july

Which is correct to say? Republic of Montenegro or "just" Montenegro? The answer is: Montenegro Constitution of Montenegro The State - Article 1 Montenegro is an independent and sovereign state, with the republican form of government. Montenegro is a civil, democratic, ecological and the state of social justice, based on the rule of law. The name "Republic