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Colombia – CO branding nation

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Clombia is a country characterized by its diversity and that’s precisely what we wanted to embed in the visual expression of the new Colombia country brand. To reinforce and complement it we used a warm and progressive language based on 4 fundamental principles:

  • Flexible: The logo and its elements allow the creation of innovative and surprising messaging.
  • Affective: As Colombians we know we are characterized by our warmth and politeness. Because of that, those two elements will always be present in everything we say.
  • Colorful: We have selected a color palette that represents and expresses the concept of megadiversity. They are colors that project strength, positivity, glimmer and a lot of energy.
  • Factual: The country brand speaks clearly and directly, with facts and evidence that support everything it promotes.

Besides that, Columbia has a very short and catchy slogan – CO.


Old and New logo of Colombian national brand

Why CO? Co is international code for Colombia. Their national internet domain is .co , so why not to be a national brand slogan. Colombian domain is open to register for every company or individual, similar like in case of Montenegrin domain .me.

Also to note that the website of Colombian national brand is well-designed, informative, and you can learn a lot of interesting things about this nation. It is www.colombia.co .

konstrukcija loga nacionalnog brenda Kolumbije

Logo uses simple geographical shapes – squares and circles (see the construction). It uses five colors: blue represents waters and sky, yellow-Sun, Red- Colombian passion, Green-Mountains and nature, violet – Orchideae  and fauna. White is used for the wordmark. We must say, it fits well on every background, especially those colorful / fiesta ones.



This is an error 404 page of Colombian national brand website, when you misspell the address, and even that error page looks nice. Let’s see how looks Google’s 404 error page- kinda creepy.

404 Google. Creepy.

For the end let’s see national branding of Colombia trough sounds, singing and dancing. It is called – Sabrosura. Sabrosura is defined as a connection of rhythm, dance, festivals, spirit of Colombia and tastes of its cuisine.

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