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Construction sites in Montenegro during CoVID19

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Government of Montenegro: construction sites are active, construction builders comply with measures and orders.

Government of Montenegro: Construction sites are active, construction builders comply with measures and orders

Implementation of the important capital investments of the Government of Montenegro flows continuously, despite the difficulties caused by the coronavirus pandemic. 
The Public Works Administration has about 20 active construction sites at the moment. In order to prevent the spread of coronavirus, workers at construction sites comply with all recommendations and measures regarding maintenance of physical distance and use of protective equipment (masks, gloves), which the competent authorities adopted over the past few days, led by the National Coordination Body for Communicable Diseases.
Particular attention is paid to organising work on high rise construction sites, with due observance of the protective health measures, while in civil engineering projects such as construction and reconstruction of roads, mechanisation is the most engaged, though the very nature of the job facilitates the implementation of safety instructions.
Working under special conditions on individual projects will not significantly affect the dynamics of works, thanks to the efforts of engaged construction companies.
Within the valorisation of the Đalovića cave in Bijelo Polje, one of the largest and most significant projects of the Government, worth around EUR 18 million, the work is currently organised in several positions. The construction of a 5.7km road from the settlement of Bistrica to the Podvrh Monastery is underway, with the construction of a substation, the setting of the electricity infrastructure, as well as the rehabilitation of slopes and landslides at several locations. The complete section is expected to be ready for asphalt paving in the coming months, followed by the continuation of installation of the cable car with the gondola, the beginning of the cave organisation, the construction of support facilities and other segments of the project.
The construction of facility “Dušan Korać” Elementary School in Bijelo Polje, worth EUR 5.4 million, at which mounting bracket of roof installation begun, is also advancing. We make every effort to maintain the agreed dynamics, so that children and teachers can enter new classrooms, at the begging of the 2020/22 school year.
Construction of a nursing home for the elderly in Nikšić, funded by the Government and partners from the Regional Housing Programme is underway. Early next year, the “Sutjeska” football stadium is also expected to receive a new, modern grandstand worth EUR 4.6 million.
The construction of the Home for the elderly in Podgorica is at its final stages. Final work on the interior of the building is underway and the works on the fountain began within the landscaping.
Olive growers are able to daily observe the “raising” of the National Olive House in Bar. The investment amounts to EUR one million and everything is arranged for the pouring of the first concrete slab.
The construction site of the complex of accommodation facilities for the needs of the Special Police Sector, for which the Government has allocated EUR 7 million, is active in several construction segments.
In the new kindergarten in Rožaje, craftsman works in the interior of the building are underway, as well as the projects on construction of a pasarela and transfer station with a recycling centre in Mojkovac, water supply network in the Zaton settlement, Prnjavorska and Gusinjska streets and reconstruction of the road in Resnik.
However, it is quite certain that the adverse situation caused by the coronavirus will affect some projects and we currently have such an example at the stadium in Cetinje. In recent months, significant progress has been made on this project in the construction of the stands, but further dynamics could be affected by the prolongation on the installation of the roof structure, as the workers from the Northern Macedonia-based company, who were hired for the job, were forced to return home due to a pandemic.
Also, the difficulties in purchase and import of already ordered materials and equipment was expressed in the project of reconstruction of the pool in Kotor.
Although aggravating circumstances were expected during the coronavirus pandemic, the Public Works Administration, in collaboration with contractors and expert oversight, will do its utmost to preserve activities at sites.
In this endeavor, particular attention will be paid to the compliance with all measures and orders, aimed at health care of construction workers.

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