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Dr Jonas Ridderstrale comes to Spark.me 2020 Conference in Montenegro!

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First main speaker of Spark.me 2020 conference announced: He’s the co-author of economics bestseller book “Funky Business” and “Karaoke capitalism” – Let us represent you Dr Jonas Ridderstrale!

Dr Jonas Ridderstråle is one of the world’s most influential and respected business thinkers and speakers. Since bursting onto the international scene with the bestselling book “Funky Business”, co-authored with Kjell A. Nordström, Jonas has remained at the forefront of management thinking. Global Gurus, the research company has ranked him as one of the World’s Top 30 Management Professionals, and placed him in the Top 5 in Europe.

Jonas’ original claim to fame “Funky Business: Talent Makes Capital Dance” quickly became an international success, selling more than 300,000 copies. The book was ranked at number 16 in a Bloomsbury survey of the best business books of all time. The sequels, “Karaoke Capitalism: Management for Mankind” and “Funky Business Forever: How to Enjoy Capitalism”, also became globally celebrated manifestos for how to make it in the new world of commerce. All three books were co-authored with Kjell A. Nordström.

Dr Ridderstrale has an MBA and a PhD in International Business and is currently a visiting professor at Ashridge, the internationally acclaimed business school in the UK.

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He is a presenter with a difference who makes a difference. He has spent the last 20 years giving people the competence, confidence and courage to think, feel and do things differently. In keynotes and workshops, Jonas conveys his message with passion and energy, bringing innovative thinking and inspiring the will and thrill necessary for change. His forceful blend of academic rigor, imagination, humor and highly dynamic presentation style has inspired audiences from Moscow to Mumbai and San Francisco to Shanghai. Jonas’ diverse client list includes Fortune 500 companies, major government bodies, sports teams and trade unions.

Jonas Ridderstrale speaks about what it takes to build a fast-forward organization for an agile age, capable of thriving in our turbulent times, how James Bond can provide us with a new perspective on strategy making, and why it is so much better for a company to have a dream than a five-year plan.

His most recent released book is called Fast/Forward (2017), co-written with Julian Birkinshaw, Professor and Chair of Strategy and Entrepreneurship at the London Business School. They argue that the successful firms of the future will be those that understand the limitations as much as the benefits of information, and in particular the ones that are able to foster a culture of decisive action allied to emotional conviction will master the business environment.

Dr Ridderstrale’s ideas and work have attracted huge media coverage throughout the world. He has appeared in an extended interview on CNN’s ‘Global Office’ exploring the ideas behind his books, which have been translated into more than 30 languages and published in more than 50 countries. Elsewhere, he has been featured in Fortune, Fast Company, Time magazine, Financial Times, The Times, Stern, Newsweek, Paris Match, and many others.

Spark.me 2020 is set for May 30-31, 2020 in Porto Montenegro in Tivat

Located in the central part of the Bay of Kotor, Tivat is at the heart of Montenegro’s coastal tourism industry. The vibrant town caters to a bustling nautical community, offering a wealth of restaurants, bars and numerous nearby coves, ideal for summer cruises of the Tivat Riviera. Previously a historic naval base, Porto Montenegro’s reincarnated as the Mediterranean’s leading luxury yacht homeport and marina village. The village attracts a vibrant year-round international crowd, with an events scene that extends to conferences, exhibitions, and cultural events.

For more information and reservation of tickets, visit the official website www.spark.me, Facebook www.facebook.com/sparkdotme, Twitter  www.twitter.com/sparkdotme or Instagram page www.instagram.com/sparkdotme/.

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