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Energy Efficiency Labeling Framework

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A-G scale

In 2015 the Commission proposed a new regulation on energy efficiency labeling as part of its summer energy package. The new regulation would contribute towards meeting the EU target of improving energy efficiency by 27% by 2030.  The proposed regulation seeks to restore the A-G scale for energy labeling; create a mechanism for re-scaling products that can accommodate further improvements in energy efficiency; establish a product database on energy efficiency; and introduce a safeguard procedure to improve national market surveillance. Detailed legislation on energy labeling of household appliances would be adopted as delegated acts.

not ag scale
A+++ to D scale

While the proposal is supported by consumer and environmental groups, industry groups are concerned that a major change in energy labeling could have a negative impact on producers and consumers and act as a disincentive to energy efficiency. The Parliament has in the past supported a closed A-G scale on energy labeling as a way to provide a stronger incentive for consumers to buy more efficient products.

Source: EPTT

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