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Statistics: Almost 1M EU citizenship granted

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In 2013, around 985 000 persons acquired citizenship 20% of a Member State of the European Union, up by (or about 163 000 persons) compared with 2012. Of the total number of persons obtaining the citizenship of one of the EU Member States in 2013, 89% were citizens of non-EU countries.

The largest groups acquiring EU citizenship in 2013 were citizens of Morocco (86 500 persons, of which 84% acquired citizenship of Spain, Italy or France), India (48 300, three-quarters acquired British citizenship), Turkey (46 500, 60% acquired German citizenship), Colombia (42 000, 93% acquired Spanish citizenship), Albania (41 700, 95% acquired citizenship of Greece or Italy) and Ecuador (40 400, 95% acquired Spanish citizenship). Moroccans, Indians, Turks, Colombians, Albanians and Ecuadorians represented together almost a third (31%) of the total number of persons who acquired EU citizenship in 2013. Romanians (23 000 persons) and Poles (18 000) were the two largest groups of EU citizens acquiring citizenship of another EU Member State.

Source: Eurostat

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