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Expatriate Card of Montenegro

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Greetings to Montenegrin Diaspora around the World!

Montenegro has started issuing Expatriate Card, intended for the diaspora members. Main purpose of Expatriate Card is record of diaspora, which can be used for gathering. It can also be used as an Identifying document within Montenegro.

If you have Montenegrin origin (i.e. grand-grand-grand-grand parent born in Montenegro), you are invited to apply!


  • Click the banner in the right column on the Diaspora Administration website (dijaspora.mvpei.gov.me):
  • After the menu appears, click on the option: Zahtjev za iseljeničku knjižicu (Application for an expatriate card).
  • It is possible to download the Application form for issuing an expatriate card . Once the template is downloaded to your computer, this form will be opened, which is ready to enter your data:
  1. Filling in the data is done in the fields provided for that, with the letters used in the country where the emigrant lives and in accordance with the passport and other personal documents. Fields are filled in, starting with ‘Prezime / Surname’, and ending with ‘Telefon / Phone’. Dates are entered as dd.mm.yyyy. (for example: 21.08.2017.), or in the form mm/dd/yyyy. (for example: 08/21/2017), depending on the version of the excel program for the particular country. Signature is not entered on the computer, but only if the emigrant physically in the Diaspora Administration fills this form. Otherwise, when it subsequently receives a completed and certified expatriate card, the emigrant should sign in the “Signature” section, which is at the bottom of the page.

The completed form is saved (save) under the name: Obrazac1.xls.

  1. Additionally, the emigrant must scan the main page of his passport, with data about the emigrant, as well as his photo, size 3x4cm, which we print and stick to the card later. The same, the Certificate of Citizenship of the Reception State whose emigrant is a citizen must also be scanned.
  2. These four documents of the emigrant must be kept under the names:
  • – Application (Request) for issuing the expatriate card :      Obrazac1.xls
  • – Passport:                                                                              Pas.jpg
  • – Certificate of Citizenship:                                                   Doc.jpg
  • – Photo:                                                                                  Foto.jpg

Under these names, the emigrant sends them to a special e-mail in the Diaspora Administration: is.knjizica@mfa.gov.me . The sending mail must contain only those four files, and no other!

Please note that one mail can send data for only one emigrant. So, for example 4 emigrants, 4 separate data mails must be sent.

  1. After receiving these attachments, the Diaspora Administration will process these data,

enter them into a separate database, create a photo, and finally print the data in the expatriate card and paste the photo.


  1. The expatriate card will be sent to the emigrant at the address he has attached in his request, by post or by diplomatic post to the nearest diplomatic mission of Montenegro, about which the immigrant will be informed beforehand. The deadline for delivery of the expatriate card is 3 months from the date of submission of the application.

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