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Explore Portal Senate using !bangs on DuckDuckGo

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Ever heard of search engine called DuckDuckGo? Seriously, it exists 😉

So, why we talk about it? Privacy concerns.

Duck Duck Go seems to be a solid alternative to Google. What’s its advantage? Well, it doesn’t track you, as they say so. Other pros of DDG are the cons of Google:

  1. “Search secrets should remain private and away from the targeting of advertisers.
  2. Google trackers lurk on 75% of the top million websites. No thanks.
  3. DuckDuckGo is committed to unbiased search that’s never based on your search history.
  4. The world needs an alternative to the collect-it-all business model.”

Another thing is that it has some useful tools. Most recently, in introduced so-called !bangs . Here is how it works:

Cool isn’t it? We are proud to be part of this project

Try DuckDuckGo to search anything, and if you want to search something on the Portal Senate, simply type !senate prior that. Please check it and tell us how it works. We would appreciate your feedback. Please tell us if it works fine from your back-end, or if you eventually find any bugs. 🙂

enEnglish available languages