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Key Infrastructure Network: Connecting Europe Facility

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Strong, modern, and reliable infrastructure network is essential to secure jobs, growth and competitiveness in the European Union. Given this need, the EU supports the development of high-performing, sustainable and interconnected trans-European networks in three areas: transport, energy and digital infrastructure.

The trans-European networks policy was consolidated in 2013 and the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) set up as a dedicated financing instrument to channel EU funding into infrastructure networks, help eliminate market failures and attract further investment from the public and private sectors.

Following a mid-term evaluation, which confirmed the CEF programme’s capacity to bring significant EU added value, the European Commission proposes to renew the programme under the next long‑term EU budget. The European Parliament and the Council are expected to discuss the changes and proposed budget to ensure that, once adopted, the programme can stimulate the necessary infrastructure development, while also helping to achieve the EU’s climate change objectives.

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