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Medical equipment delivered to Montenegro

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Seventeen tonnes of medical equipment delivered: Montenegro enters readily into period of coronavirus epidemic peak.


17 tonnes of medical equipment delivered: Montenegro enters readily into period of coronavirus epidemic peak

Seventeen tonnes of medical equipment worth about EUR two million, purchased by the Government of Montenegro, were delivered tonight to Podgorica.
More than a million protective masks, 20.000 medical suits, 15.000 safety goggles, 150 thermometers for rapid temperature measurement, 3.000 coronavirus swab tests and 20 digital ventilators are just a piece of equipment, purchased by the Montenegrin Government.


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Deputy Prime Minister and President of the National Coordination Body for Communicable Diseases Milutin Simović said from the airport that Montenegro fully prepared enters the period, when the epidemic is expected to peak.
“With this equipment and the equipment from the other day, the Montenegrin health care system is well equipped for the challenges that follow in the coming days. So, for crucial and decisive fight against the coronavirus, we are entering decisively and readily,”
the Deputy Prime Minister stated.
Deputy Prime Minister Simović and Minister of Health Kenan Hrapović said that all this equipment would not be sufficient, if citizens did not comply with the prescribed measures.
“All that is provided and what we are going to provide in the coming days will be enough, if we all together and consistently adhere to all the measures and recommendations, coming from the profession, which turn into orders issued by the Ministry of Health. So, we continue to work together and in unity with the key concern for the health and lives of all our citizens,” the Deputy Prime Minister pointed out.
The Minister of Health of Montenegro urged citizens to stay in their homes.

“All of this equipment cannot and will not be enough for us, if we do not comply with the orders and recommendations of the health authorities and what we all have to obey, to stay at home, to stay in our homes, to save ourselves, to save others from us. Today and tomorrow, all medical professionals expect every citizen in Montenegro to support them and to respect what is recommended by the health profession. Please, let’s all of us stay in our homes,” said the Minister of Health.
– poručio je ministar zdravlja.
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