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Monitoring procedure closed to Montenegro

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Meeting today in Strasbourg, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) decided to close the monitoring procedure in respect of Montenegro and to engage in post-monitoring dialogue in the light of the progress made by the country since 2012.

On the basis of the report prepared by Kimmo Sasi (Finland, EPP/CD) and Terry Leyden (Ireland, ALDE), the parliamentarians underlined “the excellent co-operation between the Montenegrin authorities and the Council of Europe, especially with the Venice Commission” and “their efforts towards European integration”.

In particular, PACE welcomed the steps taken by the Montenegrin authorities to fight discrimination and their efforts to host and integrate refugees and IDPs, including through a revised law on foreigners.

Nevertheless, PACE warned that the country will have to complete a series of reforms – concerning the electoral process, the independence of the judiciary, the fight against corruption and organized crime, and the situation of the media – by the end of 2017 in order to avoid being returned to the full monitoring procedure.

Source: COE

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