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Montenegrin Ministry of Finance published Bulletin XXXIV

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Montenegrin Ministry of Finance has published XXXIV bulletin, which mostly reflects first quarter of 2015. In introduction, Minister of Finance Radoje Žugić reviews macro-economic indicators and trends in Montenegro. Žugić highlighted the issue of steady but insufficiently high economic growth since 2013 (2-3%) and the issue of the turnaround of the public debt trend in the focus of fiscal policy (1,893.4 million EUR or 55.8% of est. 2014 GDP). Žugić insisted that Government of Montenegro needs proactive approach in defining measures in favor for the development of entrepreneurship and attracting foreign direct investments.

Ministry’s Bulletin covers activities during first quart of 2015, preliminary data of spending in 2014, realisation of local self-government public spending, information regarding IPA fund activities and cross-border cooperation of Montenegro, and Leasing Market Briefing .

Bulletin also consists authorship articles regarding Law on Added Value Tax, Law on Tax on coffee, Tax Administration as well as comment on the Rules of Procedure of exemption from payment of tax and customs duties to perform construction work on the Bar- Boljare Highway.

Source: Ministry of Finance of Montenegro

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