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Montenegro Development Directions 2015-2018

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In accordance with the conclusions of the Government of Montenegro regarding the adoption of the Montenegro Development Directions 2013-2016, and the Government’s Work Programme 2015, the Ministry of Finance, in cooperation with the competent institutions, has prepared Montenegro Development Directions 2015-2018. At the same time, the Ministry of Finance i.e. coordination team for the establishment of institutional structures for the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of results, and financial implementation of the Montenegro Development Directions 2013-2016, with continuous monitoring of the realization, are obligated to annually inform the Government on the implementation of the Development Directions in the previous year. A special report on the implementation of Development Directions in 2014 has not been prepared, as this document, through the assessment of the situation by policy areas, gives an overview of the implementation of the Montenegro Development Directions 2013-2016, which, in accordance with the methodology of preparing strategic development documents, among other things, has been the basis for planning future actions/measures/projects.

Source: Montenegrin Ministry of Finance

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