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Montenegrin National brand logo unveiled

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Ministry of Economy of Montenegro presented the logo of National brand of Montenegro. Ideal solution is modern, but is based on traditional Montenegrin coat-of-arms.

Nacionalni brend Crne Gore Montenegro brand Montenegrin National brand logoNational brand of Montenegro – logo

note: Montenegro is stylized as monte negro. National brand is not the same as Tourism Brand

The Designer is Vladimir Kovac, the architect. General Director of the Directorate for national brand development and customer protection Mr Jovo Rabrenovic said:

Nation branding is continuous process. The branding of Montenegrin nation has begun with selection of logo and adaptation of the following national legislation. The main aim of national branding is quality representation Montenegro in the World.

The usage of logotype shall be determined with the legislation. It shall be available, but the standards should be strictly defined. It will be applied by wide range of Montenegrin products, sports teams, clubs, etc. Logo was selected by the Commission upon the call for submission of concept designs.

The main aim of National branding of Montenegro is increasing its visibility and recognizably within Europe and the World. Ideal logo is the first step that in national branding and it shall symbolize Montenegro as a brand.

Source: MEK

In a global marketplace, a nation brand is one of the most important assets of any state, encouraging inward investment, adding value to exports and attracting tourists.

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