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Police of Montenegro: Measures against coronavirus spread

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Police of Montenegro: Measures against coronavirus spread.
Minister of the Interior Affairs of Montenegro Mevludin Nuhodžić last night visited the police officers, who monitor compliance with the measures of the National Coordination Body and emphasized that the measures adopted last night were necessary to protect citizens in the coming critical period, that he believes that citizens are going to comply with the measures and the competent institutions are determined to implement all taken measures without exception.

Mevludin Nuhodžić - obilazak policije, Podgorica (30.03.2020.)

“There will be no tolerance, no spared, no privileged. All those who do not respect the measures, will be prosecuted without exception,” said the Minister of the Interior.
He said he made sure that the police were doing their difficult and risky job responsibly, making enormous efforts to protect the health of all of us.
“Police officers, I have become convinced of this tonight, do their jobs professionally, with dedication and sacrificially. And as the Minister of the Interior, I thank them. Not only to the police officers I spoke with tonight, but also to all those throughout the Montenegro, who are on assignment tonight and at difficult and responsible work daily, in the interest of our health and our lives. I would also like to thank the management of the police, who, in this difficult and specific situation, planned well the activities related to the coronavirus,” the Minister of the Interior noted.
Recalling that only by standing together we can win this battle, Minister of the Interior Mevludin Nuhodžić urged every citizen to be responsible.
“We must be individually responsible to comply with measures and regulations issued by the competent authorities, which are in the interest of our health and the health of the citizens of Montenegro. That is the only way we can win,” said Minister Nuhodžić,
adding that the police are always with their people and their country.
No Curfew in Montenegro
The Article 39 of the Constitution of Montenegro makes it possible to restrict freedom of movement if necessary to prevent spreading of contagious diseases;
The Article 55 of the Law on the Protection of Population against Communicable Diseases prescribes measures to restrict movement in the area affected with the epidemic of contagious disease;
The National Coordination Body for Communicable Diseases was also stipulated by Law;
The orders are not issued by the Government or the National Coordination Body, but by the Ministry of Health, on the proposal of the Institute for Public Health;
Thus was done by the Order of the Ministry no. 8-501/20-129/424 since 30 March (yesterday), which was immediately published in the Official Gazette of Montenegro.
So, there is no curfew in MontenegroBUT life, work and movement take place in a manner appropriate to the current danger and protection of health and life of citizens, with the possibility of daily movement every working day from 5am to 7pm, and on Saturdays from 5am to 1pm. Exceptions are also prescribed in the time of prohibition for the purpose of pursuing activities of public interest.

Source: Government of Montenegro

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