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President of Montenegro Djukanovic meets Sicilianos, President of the ECHR

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President of Montenegro Milo Djukanovic received Linos Alexandre Sicilianos, President of the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, who is visiting Montenegro.

The President welcomed the President of the Court with the satisfaction that Montenegro‘s cooperation with the institution is continuing, and the visit is organized while the 70th anniversary of the adoption of the European Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms is being marked.

Wishing him a successful Presidency of the Court, the President reaffirmed Montenegro’s willingness to continue to be a reliable partner and promoter of the values listed in the Convention. He recalled the stable pace of Montenegro towards the EU and stressed that new signs and optimism from Brussels institutions regarding enlargement were encouraging. In that line, he particularly pointed to Montenegro’s commitment to the progress on the rule of law, which the EC put at the forefront of negotiation, and represents a genuine need for the WB societies, which is one of its fundamental deficits. The President stressed that the European Convention was an inspiration to the entire Montenegrin society, which was also noticed by the European partners in the Montenegro Progress Report for 2019, which noted progress and good cooperation with the European Court of Justice.

President of the European Court thanked him for the reception and emphasized that he appreciated the cooperation with Montenegro and its institutions as a member of the CoE, which respects the decisions of the Court and the values of the Convention. In particular, he praised the good results Montenegro has achieved in the enforcement of the ECJ judgments, stating that there is no judgment that would require measures of enhanced supervision by the CoE Committee of Ministers. He agreed with the President on the importance of respecting and promoting the rule of law, as a condition for democratic progress of the society and integration into the EU. In this context, he expressed full support of the European Court of Justice to Montenegro and announced further cooperation.

Supreme Court President Vesna Medenica, and Ivana Jelic judge at the European Court of Human Rights also attended the meeting.

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