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Smart Specialisation Strategy of Montenegro 2019-2024

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Ever since the restoration of its statehood, Montenegro has continuously confirmed its capacity for rapid progress towards the democratic values of the developed world. NATO membership, front-runner status  in  the process of EU accession, good neighborly relations, above-average economy growth rates in the past three years and the implementation of impressive infrastructural projects are the best confirmation  of the  potentials at  our  disposal.

However, while taking note of the progress made and celebrating our success, it is important to strive for more and not to ignore the challenges ahead us on the way to the European quality of life for all our citizens. Montenegro needs stable long-term growth and  development, as well as sustainable and competitive industrial production and employed young people who will drive our society forward with their creativity and hard work. The diversification of the economy, to at least several technologically intensive domains, is of particular importance in this effort.

Aware of the scope of our capacities, we do not have the illusion that we alone can make a capital contribution to global progress. Nevertheless, we have no right to ignore the need to make our own adequate contribution to this goal and to improve the quality of life in this region. The history of the  brilliant minds of Montenegro and our present scientific research diaspora, which contributes to state-of-the-art science  nd technology  worldwide, oblige us to support innovation  in Montenegro  with much more focus and energy. At all levels,  but with special  attention to young  generations  of professionals. Regardless of whether they are studying in the country, or temporarily  looking for new  knowledge at an address abroad, our task is to create, at least in the identified priority


meCrnogorskienEnglish available languages