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Statistics: Demography of Montenegro

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The 2014 estimate of number of population and demographic indicators of Montenegro:

  • Number of inhabitants in Montenegro in mid-2014 was 621,810
  • Working age population or the population aged 15-64 years is 68 % of the total population
  • In Montenegro, on the basis of natural increase per 1000 inhabitants, the population increases annually by 2.4.
  • The 1000 population per year made 5.7 marriages, which is the rate of marriages, and the divorce rate is 0.9
  • The rate of migration in Montenegro is 6.8 , which means that for each of 1,000 inhabitants 6.8 persons changes their place of residence  within the borders of Montenegro
  • Life expectancy at birth in 2014 was 76.4 years

Source: Monstat

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