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CoVID-19: EU stands by Montenegro in the fight against Coronavirus

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EU stands by Montenegro in the fight against COVID-19 EU stands by Montenegro in the fight against COVID-19 The European Union (EU) stands by Montenegro and all countries of the Western Balkans, to help them address both the COVID-19 outbreak and its aftermath. The EU has made available €3 million to address some

Progress Report on Montenegro 2018

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Key findings of the 2018 Progress Report on Montenegro Political criteria he reporting period has been marked by the low level of trust towards the electoral framework and the prolonged parliamentary boycott by the entire opposition since the October 2016 parliamentary elections. Returning the political debate to the Parliament is the responsibility

EU-Montenegro: Chapters #1 and 22 opened, #30 closed

Crna Gora EU integracija dijalog o proširenju proširenje agenda evropska unija

he ninth meeting of the Accession Conference with Montenegro at ministerial level was held in Luxembourg to open negotiations on chapter 1 - Free movement of goods and chapter 22 - Regional policy and coordination of structural instruments. Furthermore, the accession conference provisionally closed negotiations on chapter 30 - External