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Podgorica Wheel – Montenegro’s Capital City has a 🎡

panoramski tocak podgorica wheel panoramic luna park

Podgorica got a panoramic wheel! "In order for Podgorica to get all the facilities that large European and world tourist centers have, the Secretariat for Communal Affairs of the Capital City, in accordance with legal procedures, issued an agreement to install a panoramic wheel for the first time in the history

EIB supports clean urban transport

The European Investment Bank (EIB) has provided almost EUR 200m to cut the polluting emissions produced by buses in Spain's largest cities. The EU bank has been providing this financing since 2017 under the Cleaner Transport Facility, which aims to promote cleaner transport systems. This joint EIB-European Commission financing instrument is

Urbanization of the Future: 5 trends

How Rapid Urbanization is Shaping the Future The world is constantly changing, and many of these shifts have the potential to alter the investment landscape. While some of these changes can be temporary and fleeting, others can be powerful, transformative “mega-trends” that shape how society is organized at a fundamental level. One

Designing the Smart City

There is no doubt that the city will be the defining feature of human geography for the 21st century. Globally, there are 1.3 million people moving to cities each week – and by 2040, a staggering 65% of the world’s population will live in cities. At the same time, the