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Netherlands or Holland? Which is Correct? 🇳🇱🌷

Netherlands or Holland? Holland or Dutch? What do we know of this country? The Kingdom of the Netherlands is currently composed out of four countries: the Netherlands, Aruba, Curacao, and Sint Maarten (located in the Caribean). But that's not all - the Netherlands as a constituent country of the Kingdom is

Nation Brands 2018 Ranking by Brand Finance

Just like anything else, our brains tend to associate certain images and attributes with a given nations in order to form a unique mental perception. In a global marketplace, a country’s national image can be one of its most valued assets or a challenging liability. These perceptions help to forge a

Colombia – CO branding nation

lombia is a country characterized by its diversity and that’s precisely what we wanted to embed in the visual expression of the new Colombia country brand. To reinforce and complement it we used a warm and progressive language based on 4 fundamental principles: Flexible: The logo and its elements allow

Uruguay – Natural national branding

uruguay urugvaj national branding brendiranje

ow is Uruguay shown in the world? According the Lonely Planet, Uruguay is a seaside playground, spectacular structures and spellbinding sunsets. We can't agree more. Besides that, the best ambassadors are their athletes, especially footballers. Like other South American nations, is branded as "Natural". Logo is stylized letter U. Inside U

Argentina adopts new national brand logo

Argentina ili SAD? Kome bolje stoji krug?

rgentina adopted nation brand new logo. Old wavy logo is replaced by (over)simplified logo which is in fact letter "A" placed in the central bottom of the blue circle (or should be South on the improvised Globe) Gustavo Koniszczer, Managing Director for Latin America of FutureBrand, defined the new symbol as

El Salvador – national brand

l Salvador is characterized by the Lonely Planet as a "is serene waters, is early-morning Sun, and is remarkable colonial architecture". As most of Latin American countries, El Salvador has developed ts national brand logo. It appears in three variations. Slogan of Salvadorian national brand is "Great like out people". Now, let's