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Montenegro exits MONEYVAL 4th Round regular follow-up procedure

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Montenegro exits MONEYVAL 4th Round regular follow-up procedure Montenegro exits MONEYVAL 4th Round regular follow-up procedure In a report following the completion of its 1st Intersessional Consultation, the Council of Europe’s anti-money laundering body MONEYVAL, adopted Montenegro’s second revised follow-up Report and removed the country from MONEYVAL ’s 4th round regular follow-up process. The

Gas stations in Montenegro Warned: illegal catering services during pandemic

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Gas stations in Montenegro Warned: illegal catering services during pandemic National Coordination Body warns gas stations: providing catering services will result in closure of facilities and criminal charges The National Coordination Body for Communicable Diseases, analyzing the consistency and effects of implementing the measures adopted, found that many gas stations continued to

FBI warns of Romance Fraud

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FBI warns of Romance Fraud WHAT IS CONFIDENCE / ROMANCE FRAUD / SCUM? Confidence/romance fraud occurs when an actor deceives a victim into believing they have a trust relationship—whether family, friendly, or romantic—and leverages the relationship to persuade the victim to send money, provide personal and financial information, or purchase items of

Brexit: Outcome of the Article 50 TEU

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On 25 November 2018, EU-27 leaders met to finalize and formalize the outcome of the Brexit negotiations. They endorsed the withdrawal agreement, as presented by the negotiators of the EU and the United Kingdom (UK), and approved the political declaration on future EU-UK relations, accompanying the withdrawal agreement. Last minute

Progress Report on Montenegro 2018

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Key findings of the 2018 Progress Report on Montenegro Political criteria he reporting period has been marked by the low level of trust towards the electoral framework and the prolonged parliamentary boycott by the entire opposition since the October 2016 parliamentary elections. Returning the political debate to the Parliament is the responsibility

Statistics: Montenegro in the Figures 2017

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tatistical Office of Montenegro Monstat has published 2017 edition of the publication “Montenegro in the Figures”. The publication covers major Montenegrin statistical figures, such as economy, geography, climate, population, vital statistics, employment, wages, GDP, HCI, prices, agriculture, forestry, industry, construction, cross-border trade, tourism, transportation, education, culture, pension insurance and crime.