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Stock exchange Glossary

Berzanski pojmovnik - rječnik osnovnih pojmova koji se koriste pri svakodnevnom trgovanju hartijama od vrijednosti. Montenegro berza AD Podgorica

Montenegrin Stock Exchange Glossary: Bonds Bonds are securities by which the issuer (debtor, borrower) is obliged to pay the buyer (investor, lender) a borrowed amount (principal) and the agreed-upon interest. Investor may keep bonds until their maturity and get the principal and the related interest, or sell them prior to their maturity

Human freedom index report: Montenegro ranked 40

he Human Freedom Index presents the state of human freedom in the world based on a broad measure that encompasses personal, civil, and economic freedom. Human freedom is a social concept that recognizes the dignity of individuals and is defined here as negative liberty or the absence of coercive constraint.

Montenegrin Ministry of Finance published Bulletin XXXIV

ontenegrin Ministry of Finance has published XXXIV bulletin, which mostly reflects first quarter of 2015. In introduction, Minister of Finance Radoje Žugić reviews macro-economic indicators and trends in Montenegro. Žugić highlighted the issue of steady but insufficiently high economic growth since 2013 (2-3%) and the issue of the turnaround of the public debt trend in the focus of

BC: Montenegro’s country brand ranked 106th

Montenegrin National brand logo Tourism logotype Montenegro

loom Consulting (BC), consulting company based in Madrid, is specialised for branding of nations, regions and cities. BC has published 2014/2015 Tourism edition of Country Brand Ranking. According to the ranking, Montenegro is positioned 37th in Europe out of 41 countries; and 106th in the World out of 180 countries

Independence day of Montenegro

Do you want the Republic of Montenegro to be an independent state with a full international and legal personality? - This was a referendum question imposed on May 21st 2006 in Montenegro, when Montenegrin Independence Referendum was held. The referendum succeeded - It was approved by 230,661 or 55.45% of voters, while

S&P: Montenegro’s 2015 credit rating unchanged

redit rating agency „Standard and Poor’s“ (S&P) has published new report on Montenegro, which confirms last year's score „B + / B“. Also, Montenegro's outlook is stable, which indicates that further trends of its credit rating is based on stable positions. S&P's experts estimate that that Montenegro's economy will grow an average

WB6: Joint Statement

Commissioners Hahn and Commissioner Bulc hosted in Brussels the meeting of the six Prime Ministers from the Western Balkans. The meeting in Brussels built on the Western Balkan 6 ministerial meeting on the core transport network for the region. The Brussels meeting confirmed the agreement of the core network through a joint statement, and

Statistics: 2014 Labour force survey in Montenegro

statistički zavod crna gora uprava za statistiku godišnjak crna gora cg crne gore

onstat has published release regarding 2014 Labour Force Survey. The main objective of the survey to gain insight into the behavior of certain groups in the labor market in a way that enables the application of modern methods of analysis of any scientific fields: economics, sociology, psychology and others. One of

MONSTAT: 2014 External trade of Montenegro

statistički zavod crna gora uprava za statistiku godišnjak crna gora cg crne gore

The total external trade of Montenegro for period January-December 2014 is EUR 2 117.4 million, indicating the drop of 1.5% in comparison with the same period of the previous year. The value of exports of goods is EUR 333.2 million, what is 11.3% less compared to the same period of

First reading of the Bill on Cooperation of Montenegro with Expatriates

zakon o saradnji crne gore sa iseljenicima crnogorci dijaspora crne gore saradnja saradnji

First reading of the Bill on Cooperation of Montenegro with Expatriates At the 51st meeting of the Committee on International Relations and Emigrants, the Committee members – within the constructive discussion with representatives of the Proposal for the Law – gave a number of suggestions aimed at improving the text and

EU-Montenegro Accession Conference: Two new chapters opened

At Intergovernmental Conference in Brussels, Montenegro opened two more chapters in the accession process with the EU. Negotiations were opened in chapters 16 and 30, relating to “Taxation” (Chapter 16) and “External Relations” (Chapter 30) respectively. Montenegro has already opened 18 chapters for negotiation, of which two have already been provisionally