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Spanjola – Turning fortress into a creative hub

tvrdjava spanjola herceg novi crna gora tvrđava španjola

Turning Spanjola Fortress into a creative hub Turning Spanjola Fortress into a creative hub (Herceg Novi, Montenegro) Montenegro's rich cultural heritage is a part of the country’s unique appeal. Herceg Novi, the city of fortresses and towers – is home to some of the most precious monuments of our history. One of

Faculty of fine Arts, University of Montenegro – New Building Cetinje

flu-fakultet-likovnih-umjetnosti-cetinje-fakultet-vizuelnih-univerzitet-crne-gore-crna-gora-montenegro-university fine arts faculty

Faculty of fine Arts, University of Montenegro - New Building Cetinje The Faculty of Fine Arts in Cetinje obtained use permit earlier today, whereby the Government and the Public Works Administration successfully completed another project financed from the Capital budget. Positive assessment of the Commission for Technical Acceptance and the conditions for

Little things that successful people do

Achieving more in life doesn't have to involve monumental effort. Think about it this way: If you got out of bed five minutes earlier every day, in a month you would have 150 extra minutes to get things done. That's more than 30 hours of additional time over the course of

EU Battery Alliance: Establishing European battery manufacturing

One year on from the launch of the European Battery Alliance (EBA), the Commission Action Plan is in place, the first pilot production facilities are being built and further projects are announced to establish the EU as the lead player in the strategic area of battery innovation and manufacturing. atteries will be as

Circular Economy Explained

The European Union produces more than 2.5 billion tonnes of waste every year. It is currently updating its legislation on waste management to promote a shift to a more sustainable model known as the circular economy. But what exactly does the circular economy mean? And what would be the benefits?   What is the

Color in Branding

Choosing the color for your brand has got to be the easiest part of creating a small business. Why some of the biggest companies in the world have blue branding? If you understand the audience, the position you want to take in the market and the personality you want to adopt, then

Belgrade: Case study of the new visual identity

fter the launchin of capaing for the new visual identity of Serbia, designer Vladan Pavlovic continued with re-branding of cities. First is Belgrade, the Serbian Capital. In the following lines you may find his case study. Today, it has become regular to redesign obsolete identities of cities, municipalities, regions and states,

Q&A: Circular Economy Package – EU

smart city evropska prijestonica inovacija icapital

he European Commission adopted an ambitious new Circular Economy Package to help European businesses and consumers to make the transition to a stronger and more circular economy where resources are used in a more sustainable way. The proposed actions will contribute to "closing the loop" of product lifecycles through greater