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The best apps for Android / iOS

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The best apps for Android / iOS Most downloaded apps for Android and iOS From strategically finding love, to helping researchers search for extraterrestrial life - there is quite literally an app for almost anything these days. It is therefore no surprise that apps have become one of the largest consumer ecosystems

How the Circular Economy could look like in 2030

By 2030, we are living in a global circular economy that has become ‘intentionally transparent’. This open mindset has released a surge in trust throughout the world’s supply chains that encourages higher visibility and greater control over responsible sourcing. We now have ethical and sustainable circular supply chains in which

Understanding Innovation

nnovation can be defined as the adoption of new products, processes, marketing or organisational approaches that create a valuable outcome in terms of financial benefit, wellbeing or efficiency, to name a few. Given its impact on smart, inclusive and sustainable growth, innovation is at the heart of European policies and

EU Action to protect biodiversity against problematic invasive species

invazivne vrste invasive species alien specie eu against prevent Japanese knotweed, Giant hogweed, Black cherry, grey squirrels

The European Commission proposed new legislation to prevent and manage the rapidly growing threat from invasive species. There are currently over 12.000 species present in Europe which are alien to the natural environment. About 15% of these are invasive and they are rapidly growing in number. The proposal is designed

Commission seeks “Capital of Innovation”

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he European Commission has today started the search for the first European Capital of Innovation, or iCapital. The prize will reward the city which is building the best “innovation ecosystem”, connecting citizens, public organisations, academia, and business. Given that 68% of the EU population now lives in urban areas, it