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How to Get Smarter: 12 key elements

How to Get Smarter: 12 key elements montenegro national brand logo nacionalni brend konkurs crna gora 2019 budva montenegro 2020

How to Get Smarter: 12 key elements The level of a person’s raw intelligence, as measured by aptitude tests such as IQ scores, is generally stable for most people during the course of their adulthood. While it’s true that there are things you can do to fine tune your natural capabilities, such

Color in Branding

Choosing the color for your brand has got to be the easiest part of creating a small business. Why some of the biggest companies in the world have blue branding? If you understand the audience, the position you want to take in the market and the personality you want to adopt, then

New managers should focus on helping their teams

tanford academic Bob Sutton, author of "Good Boss, Bad Boss", says the challenges that new managers face have a lot to do with where they place their own attention: “Your attention will naturally shift up — be directed up the hierarchy.’’ This even happens in nature: The average baboon looks up