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Statistics: 890,000 EU citizenships acquired in 2014

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n 2014, around 890 000 persons acquired citizenship of a Member State of the European Union (EU), down from 981 000 in 2013. Since 2009, more than 5 million persons in total were granted a citizenship of an EU Member Sate. Of the total number of persons obtaining the citizenship

Instant payments across the EU by November 2017

he Euro Retail Payments Board (ERPB), a group chaired by the European Central Bank that brings together associations of providers and users of payment services, has invited the European Payments Council, a body representing the payment service providers in Europe, to develop a scheme for instant payments in euro by

2016 EU budget draft – response to migrant crisis

n agreement was reached on the 2016 EU budget under extraordinary circumstances as the world witnessed the attacks in Paris. The EU institutions have taken their responsibility by concluding a deal well ahead of the deadline. Before finalising the agreement, negotiators observed a minute of silence for the victims of

Ending EU citizens’ bank secrecy in Switzerland

arliament adopted its stance on a deal with Switzerland to make it harder for EU citizens to hide cash from the tax man in Swiss bank accounts, in a vote on Tuesday. Under the deal, the EU and Switzerland will automatically exchange information on the bank accounts of each other's

EC: New vision of Education and Training 2020

draft joint report by the Commission calls for strengthening cooperation in education and training up to 2020 and especially to promote social inclusion. The Commission is proposing to strengthen cooperation at European level in the field of education and training up to 2020. Its draft of a joint report

Commission to tackle tax discrimination against mobile EU citizens

Commission to tackle tax discrimination against mobile EU citizens Tax discrimination still present in the EU? Member States' tax provisions are to be scrutinized to ensure that they do not discriminate against mobile EU citizens, in a targeted initiative launched by the Commission. The focus is on both economically active individuals