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Montenegro exits MONEYVAL 4th Round regular follow-up procedure

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Montenegro exits MONEYVAL 4th Round regular follow-up procedure Montenegro exits MONEYVAL 4th Round regular follow-up procedure In a report following the completion of its 1st Intersessional Consultation, the Council of Europe’s anti-money laundering body MONEYVAL, adopted Montenegro’s second revised follow-up Report and removed the country from MONEYVAL ’s 4th round regular follow-up process. The

FBI warns of Romance Fraud

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FBI warns of Romance Fraud WHAT IS CONFIDENCE / ROMANCE FRAUD / SCUM? Confidence/romance fraud occurs when an actor deceives a victim into believing they have a trust relationship—whether family, friendly, or romantic—and leverages the relationship to persuade the victim to send money, provide personal and financial information, or purchase items of

EuroParl: Corporate taxation system reached its limits?

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ax competition as such cannot be avoided, but today’s system has reached its limits and led to unwanted side effects. Small firms should not have to bear the tax burden of multinationals that pay very little. Action is needed to harmonise corporate tax practices across Europe, so as to make

Q&A: The protection of EU financial interests and the fight against fraud

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What is the purpose of the Annual Report on the Protection of the EU's Financial Interests? Member States have to adopt all necessary measures to protect the EU budget, and to counter fraud and any other illegal activities affecting the financial interests of the EU. They are obliged to report all

Council approves measures to tackle VAT fraud schemes

The Council has adopted two directives that will enable member states to better combat VAT fraud, facilitating rapid reaction and allowing a specific measure to tackle so-called "carrousel fraud". The importance of such measures amongst a number of initiatives aimed at better combating tax evasion and tax fraud was highlighted

ECB report: Fall in card fraud

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Card fraud has been on a declining trend since 2007, thanks to technological advances that are making transactions safer. This is the main conclusion of the second report on card fraud published today by the European Central Bank (ECB). However, fraud is migrating to countries where the technology remains less