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EuroParl: 2015 Report on Montenegro

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n 2015 Resolution on Montenegro, MEPs assess reform efforts. "Montenegro continues to be the good news story of the Western Balkans and I am pleased that our resolution reflects that", said rapporteur Charles Tannock (ECR, UK), adding that "2016 is a very important year for Montenegro. In the year of

Independence day of Montenegro

Do you want the Republic of Montenegro to be an independent state with a full international and legal personality? - This was a referendum question imposed on May 21st 2006 in Montenegro, when Montenegrin Independence Referendum was held. The referendum succeeded - It was approved by 230,661 or 55.45% of voters, while

Dan nezavisnosti Crne Gore

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Montenegro's independence day - 8th year since the reestablishment of independent Montenegrin state. MEP želi svim građanima Crne Gore i svim Crnogorcima širom svijeta srećno osmo ljeto od obnove nezavisnosti države. Tekst deklaracije nezavisnosti Crne Gore

7 years since the Declaration of Indepencence of Montenegro

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Following the official results of the organised Referendum on Independence of Montenegro, on the On 3rd June 2006, the Parliament of Montenegro has adopted the Decision and Declaration of Independence of the Republic of Montenegro. Proglašenje nezavisnosti Crne Gore 3 jun 2006 from Mon10egro on Vimeo.

Independence day

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Independence day of Montenegro - May 21st Today, on 21st May 2013, Montenegro celebrates 7th year since the successful organisation of the 2006 Independence Referendum. On Referendum, 55.45% of the total voters expressed their opinion in favour of restoring the independent Montenegrin state, after the Kingdom of Montenegro lost its independence in