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Faculty of fine Arts, University of Montenegro – New Building Cetinje

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Faculty of fine Arts, University of Montenegro - New Building Cetinje The Faculty of Fine Arts in Cetinje obtained use permit earlier today, whereby the Government and the Public Works Administration successfully completed another project financed from the Capital budget. Positive assessment of the Commission for Technical Acceptance and the conditions for

Tokyo 2020: the green Olympic games

Tokyo plans to install solar roads ahead of the 2020 Olympics Solar panels we be installed underneath the surface of some roads in Tokyo, according to the Independent. The metropolitan government announced their plans for "solar roads" as part of a campaign to make Tokyo a more eco-friendly city. The change is in

New Egyptian Capital gets Vertical Forest

The Egyptian desert is set to host the African continent's first vertical forest. Italian architect and urban planner Stefano Boeri has unveiled designs for three buildings covered with pollution-absorbing trees and plants in Egypt's New Administrative Capital, which is under construction in the desert east of Cairo. Boeri’s Milan-based practice, Stefano

Urbanization of the Future: 5 trends

How Rapid Urbanization is Shaping the Future The world is constantly changing, and many of these shifts have the potential to alter the investment landscape. While some of these changes can be temporary and fleeting, others can be powerful, transformative “mega-trends” that shape how society is organized at a fundamental level. One