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ILO: Nearly half of global workforce at risk of losing livelihoods 

ilo mro međunarodna organizacija rada international labor organization intl labour organisation work workers

ILO: As job losses escalate, nearly half of global workforce at risk of losing livelihoods The latest ILO data on the labour market impact of the COVID-19 pandemic reveals the devastating effect on workers in the informal economy and on hundreds of millions of enterprises worldwide.  GENEVA (ILO News) – The continued

Work-Life balance: Denmark case

"Something is rotten in the state of Denmark", goes the line in Shakespeare's Hamlet. But four centuries after the play was written, the analysis couldn't be less accurate. According to the OECD Better Life report, Danes have a better work-life balance than any other country surveyed. nly 2% of employees regularly work very long

Ikigai – a Japanese “reason for being” concept

hat’s the reason for getting up in the morning? Just trying to answer such a big question might make you want to crawl back into bed. If it does, the Japanese concept of ikigai could help. Originating from a country with one of the world's oldest populations, the idea is becoming