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Deep House Chill Music Mix – this time inspired by Montenegro

chill house montenegro tara river crna gora kanjon canyon rijeke tare

World famous YouTube Chanel "Deep Mix" has published Montenegro Summer Mix 2021 🍓 Best Of Tropical Deep House Music Chill Out Mix By Deep Mix. After many exotic destinations, such as Bali, Maldives, Seychelles, Palma de Mallorca or Ibiza, this time a music mix was devoted to this small Mediterranean

What are the best websites on the Internet?

As a greater portion of the world begins to live more of their life online, the world’s top 100 websites continue to see explosive growth in their traffic numbers. To claim even the 100th spot in this ranking, your website would need around 350 million visits in a single month.

Which media technology is the most omnipresent?

tatistically speaking, over 50% of people are consuming media in some form at this given moment. In fact, the latest data shows that Americans spend over 12 hours per day consuming media in various forms. This means that people spend more time consuming media than they do working or sleeping – a prolific insight