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EU-wide cyber-security rules

irms supplying essential services, e.g. for energy, transport, banking and health, or digital ones, such as search engines and cloud computing, will have to take action to improve their ability to withstand cyber-attacks under new rules approved by Internal Market Members of European Parliament (MEPs) on Thursday. These rules, informally

EP adapt new package travel rules

ackage holidays, consisting of a flight, hotel or car-hire and purchased online for an all-in price or through linked webpages, will get the same protection as packages bought in travel agencies under rules voted by the Members of the European Parliament (MEPs). MEPs ensured that travelers will have more options

European Council: New Travel Package Directive

he European Council confirmed a political agreement on the reform of the Travel Package Directive. The new directive will update current EU rules on package holidays by aiming to adapt to travel market developments in order to meet the needs of consumers and businesses in the digital era. It will extend the protection for traditional packages to

Antitrust: Commission proposes Directive to fascilitate damage claims

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The European Commission has adopted a proposal for a Directive on how citizens and companies can claim damages when they are victims of infringements of the EU antitrust rules, such as cartels and abuses of a dominant market position. The proposal is set to remove a number of practical difficulties