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Commission fines banks € 1.71 billion for participating in cartels

The European Commission has fined 8 international financial institutions a total of € 1,712,468,000 for participating in illegal cartels in markets for financial derivatives covering the European Economic Area (EEA). Four of these institutions participated in a cartel relating to interest rate derivatives denominated in the euro currency. Six of

FAQ: Credit default swaps – investigation proceedings

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What is a Credit Default Swap (CDS)? A credit default swap ("CDS") is a derivative contract designed to transfer the credit risk (i.e. the risk of default), linked to a debt obligation referenced in the contract. CDS are used by investors for hedging and investing. As a hedge a CDS provides

Q&A: misuse of mobile phone standard-essential patents

What is an injunction? An injunction is a court order aiming at preventing the continuation of a patent infringement. Generally, it includes the prohibition to sell the product infringing the patent. Such injunctions can be preliminary – as a precautionary measure typically for the time of the assessment of the case

Settlement procedure for cartels – FAQ

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Why does the Commission introduce a settlement procedure? Where the parties to a cartel case agree with the Commission findings, the Commission wants to be able to use an instrument to speed up the adoption of a Decision. This should free resources to deal with other cases, increasing the detection rate and