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EU Budget 2020 Approved

EU Budget 2020: investing more in climate, jobs and the youth in focus Over €500 million more dedicated to climate action Support for the young: boosting Erasmus and the fight against youth unemployment Last annual budget of current financial framework 2014-2020 For next year’s EU budget, MEPs have secured better support

Studies on stress

hildren who grow up in high-stress environments may be at higher risk for learning or behavioral trouble, but new research suggests that their skills warrant more attention. Stress-adapted youth may possess traits—such as heightened vigilance, attention shifting, and empathic accuracy—that traditional learning and testing situations don’t tap into. These skills

YEI: Closing the gap between education and employment

urrently nearly 20% of young people (aged 15-24) in the EU-28 are unemployed. This represents one in five young Europeans; and nearly one in two in Spain and Greece, where youth unemployment rates are particularly high. Although the most promising way of providing opportunities for young people is through restoring

2016 EU Budget: Focus on migrations and jobs

he budgets committee on demanded more funds to handle the migration and refugee crisis, help young people into jobs, and fully offset the cuts to the EU's research and transport networks programs, in a political resolution on the 2016 budget. The committee had earlier reversed all the Council's cuts to

EIB tackles youth unemployment in Slovakia

The European Investment Bank (EIB) lends EUR 15 million to SZRB (Slovak Guarantee and Development Bank) to finance SMEs and Mid-Caps. One of the objectives of the loan is also the support of Youth Employment initiatives under EIB’s “Skills and Jobs – Investing for Youth” programme. One third of young Slovaks

Supporting artistic and cultural creation

Music and architecture, video games, crafts, design and fashion offer considerable growth potential which the EU should support and exploit, says a draft resolution voted by the Culture Committee on Tuesday. It calls for a stronger partnership with universities to equip young people with the requisite skills. It also advocates