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Independence day of Montenegro

Do you want the Republic of Montenegro to be an independent state with a full international and legal personality? - This was a referendum question imposed on May 21st 2006 in Montenegro, when Montenegrin Independence Referendum was held. The referendum succeeded - It was approved by 230,661 or 55.45% of voters, while

S&P: Montenegro’s 2015 credit rating unchanged

redit rating agency „Standard and Poor’s“ (S&P) has published new report on Montenegro, which confirms last year's score „B + / B“. Also, Montenegro's outlook is stable, which indicates that further trends of its credit rating is based on stable positions. S&P's experts estimate that that Montenegro's economy will grow an average

EU-Montenegro Accession Conference: Two new chapters opened

At Intergovernmental Conference in Brussels, Montenegro opened two more chapters in the accession process with the EU. Negotiations were opened in chapters 16 and 30, relating to “Taxation” (Chapter 16) and “External Relations” (Chapter 30) respectively. Montenegro has already opened 18 chapters for negotiation, of which two have already been provisionally

2015 Doing Business: Montenegro’s rank improves

World Bank has published 2015 Doing Business rapport which includes 189 national economies. Montenegro moved up to 36th place overall in the Doing Business 2015 world ranking list including 189 countries, the World Bank announced in its annual report. Since 2008 (the 2009 Doing Business report), Montenegro has seen a