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Montenegro Independence day 🇲🇪

Montenegro Kotor Independence day happy Crna Gora 2020

Independence day of Montenegro 🇲🇪 Independence day of Montenegro 🇲🇪 Montenegro celebrates the Independence day. On this day, 14 years ago (May 21st 2006), the Independence referendum was held in Montenegro, than part of the State Union of Serbia and Montenegro, whether it shall become a sovereign and independent state, or shall

State symbols of Montenegro

cg u brojkama montenegro crna gora zastava crne gore

On July 12th 2004, Montenegro readopted traditional state symbols of Montenegro: Coat-of-Arms and Flag from Petrović-Njegoš Dynasty period. Also, the anthem "Oj, svijetla majska zoro" was formally adopted. National symbols of Montenegro upon adoptation State symbols of Montenegro are: the Flag, Coat-of-Arms, and the Anthem. In the following months, state symbols were