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BEIJING 2022 Winter Olympics Opened!

opening ceremony winter olympics beijing 2022 montenegro hei shan

Beijing 2022 - OPENING CEREMONY of the 2022 Winter Olympic Games Everything is ready for the performance of Montenegrin athletes at the Winter Olympic Games. At the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics in Beijing, the Montenegrin delegation walked through the grounds of the "Bird's Nest" stadium, which was once the center

Imagine One World Kimono Project

Imagine one world Kimono - Zamislite jedan svijet kimona

On the occasion of the Japanese organization of the thirty-second Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo, the project "Imagine one world Kimono" was launched The “Imagine One World Kimono Project” is a Japanese-based venture that shares the beauty of a traditional handmade Japanese kimono. We create unique garments for each of the

Tokyo 2020: the green Olympic games

Tokyo plans to install solar roads ahead of the 2020 Olympics Solar panels we be installed underneath the surface of some roads in Tokyo, according to the Independent. The metropolitan government announced their plans for "solar roads" as part of a campaign to make Tokyo a more eco-friendly city. The change is in