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Imagine One World Kimono Project

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On the occasion of the Japanese organization of the thirty-second Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo, the project “Imagine one world Kimono” was launched

The “Imagine One World Kimono Project” is a Japanese-based venture that shares the beauty of a traditional handmade Japanese kimono. We create unique garments for each of the 213 countries, to unite the world in peace and harmony in Tokyo 2020.

It consists of specially designed kimonos (traditional women’s costumes) and kakemono (representing Japanese hand-painted hanging scrolls). This is what the Montenegrin combination looks like:


Beautiful, isn’t it? Let’s see what all the combinations of kimonos and kakemono painted on this occasion look like.


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~We believe that the world may unite together in peace~
In his famous song “Imagine,”
John Lennon sang:
“Imagine there is no country…”
Japanese Astronaut Koichi Wakata also said:
“There are no borders between countries
when you see the Earth from outer space…”
But still today, people are fighting with each other…
“War” still exists even though everyone knows that we really do not want or need it.
Now, let’s speak out.
Let’s live in peace,
Let’s stop fighting with each other,
Let’s do something to prevent conflict…
We can accept our differences,
We can overcome our differences,
We can respect our differences.
We need to put our heads together to see how to do that.
We have to create something to make this come true.
And to make our dreams come true we have created this project, “Imagine One World.”
Friendship and trust are only derived from sincere communication with each other.
People can get closer by uniting together and by sharing their thoughts.
People can build friendship with other countries by getting to know their various cultures.
We in Japan can send a message to the world by showing a core competence of our culture.
That is the basic idea of “WA” which means to unite with respect for each other.
We can use the power of ART because ART does not require any words.
We believe that the beauty of art can be shared amongst all people, even though we have different backgrounds.
We believe that the power of ART may unite people together in peace.
“You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us
And the world will live as one”
-John Lennon “Imagine”
Unite the world with the power of culture
Unite the world with the power of beauty of art…
We are waiting for you to join us now.
-Nobumichi Tejima, Imagine One World Incorporation, 2014

meCrnogorskienEnglish available languages