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BREXIT date postponed

uk withdrawal agreement eu brexit ep parliament voted date

Brexit date: European Council adopts decision to extend the period under Article 50 The European Council has adopted a decision to extend the BREXIT DATE - period under Article 50.3 (of the Treaty on the European Union), in the context of the UK's intention to withdraw from the EU (so-called BREXIT). The extension

Brexit: Outcome of the Article 50 TEU

uk withdrawal agreement eu brexit ep parliament voted date

On 25 November 2018, EU-27 leaders met to finalize and formalize the outcome of the Brexit negotiations. They endorsed the withdrawal agreement, as presented by the negotiators of the EU and the United Kingdom (UK), and approved the political declaration on future EU-UK relations, accompanying the withdrawal agreement. Last minute

UK Rebate: The influence on the EU budget

he UK rebate (also known as UK ‘abatement’, or UK ‘correction’) is the ad hoc mechanism that is applied to lower the UK’s contribution to the EU budget, by reimbursing 66% of the country’s budgetary imbalance (the difference between payments and receipts). In 2014, the rebate amounted to almost €6.1 billion,