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COREPER agrees to provide additional 3.9 billion euros

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The COREPER has on October 14 in Brussels reached an agreement on three draft amending budgets for 2013, covering the EU additional payment needs and updating forecast for the EU own resources, a package proposed by the Lithuanian Presidency.

“The Permanent Representatives Committee has showed the resolve to respect the Council commitments and deliver additional payments to the 2013 budget. We hope that it sends a signal for the European Parliament vote on the EU multi-annual budget for 2014–2020. We have also demonstrated solidarity with the Member States that have suffered from floods and drought,” said chair of the COREPER ambassador Raimundas Karoblis.

Draft amending budget No 8 was presented by the Commission on September 25. It aims to cover the outstanding payment needs in the areas such as Cohesion policy until the end of the year and is the remaining part of 3.9 billion euros from the Draft amending budget No 2, adopted earlier this year.

It is in line with the political agreement reached on June 27 between the Presidents of the EU Council, European Commission and European Parliament on the 2014–2020 multiannual financial framework and, in particular, with the Council’s commitment to decide, without delay, on a further draft amending budget to avoid any shortfall in justified payment appropriations.

Draft amending budget No 9 covers 400.5 million euros in commitments and payments out of the EU solidarity fund to Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic which have suffered from floods, and Romania, which suffered from drought and forest fires. The payments are covered by redeployments from the so-called global transfer.

The purpose of Draft amending budget no 6 is to update the revenue part of the 2013 budget through a revision of the forecast of traditional own resources, VAT and GNI bases as well as the forecast of other revenue.

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