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World Bank 2021 Montenegro economic report

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World Bank 2021 Montenegro economic report World Bank 2021 Montenegro economic report The Western Balkans region is rebounding from the COVID-19-induced recession of 2020, thanks to a faster-than-expected recovery in 2021, says the latest edition of the Western Balkans Regular Economic Report, Greening the Recovery. The outlook for the region has improved significantly, with

I-TIP Services Trade Database

trgovina uslugama usluge services trade i-tip

I-TIP Services is a joint initiative of the World Trade Organization and the World Bank. It is a set of linked databases that provides information on Members' commitments under the WTO's General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS), services commitments in regional trade agreements (RTA), applied measures in services, and

The smallest states in the world: economic challenges and potentials

Small states face unique development challenges. Due to their small population (i.e., those with a population of 1.5 million or less) and economic base, these countries are particularly vulnerable to exogenous shocks, such as natural disasters and climate change. With limited economic opportunities and significant migration, they often face capacity constraints. The

China is building 19 ‘Cluster Super-Cities”

he World has a demand problem, and it is dealing with it all wrong. Rather than allowing itself to be harmed by other countries’ problematic policies, China must work to create its own demand by making full use of its capacity for policy experimentation. Cluster cities are ideal for long-term

Systematic country diagnostic: Montenegro

Montenegro Economy ontenegro is a small and open upper middle-income transition economy that gained independence in 2006 and is negotiating accession to the European Union. Montenegro has a population of 622,000 and a GNI per capita of $7,320. It started negotiations with the European Union in June 2012 and strives to

Best European countries for business 2017 index, Montenegro ranked 32nd

The European Chamber ranks European countries based on their business environment. The EuCham score, used for the ranking, originates from the average of the World Bank’s Distance To Frontier score (DTF) and Transparency International’s Corruption Perception Index  CPI). An economy’s EuCham score is reflected on a scale from 0 to 100,

2017 Doing Business Report: Montenegro 51st

orld Bank has published 14th Doing Business report for 2015-2016 period. According to the report, Montenegro was ranked 51th out of 190 economies covered. That is three places lower than previous year, if the same methodology was applied to the DB 2016 report. Methodology updates* As part of a three-year update in

WEF: The fastest-growing economies 2016

yanmar is the world’s fastest-growing economy, according to the IMF’s World Economic Outlook. The country’s GDP is projected to grow by 8.6% this year. Political and economic reforms, which have made headlines around the world, have supported this economic growth. Increased consumer and investor confidence, and rising exports, have boosted the economy,

Doing Business 2016: Montenegro improves rank (46)

orld Bank has published 13th Doing Business report for 2014-2015 period. According to the report, Montenegro was ranked 46th out of 189 economies covered. A new methodology was implemented in this year's publication in 7 out of 10 indicators: Dealing with Construction Permits, Getting Electricity, Registering Property, Trading Across Borders, Protecting

2015 Doing Business: Montenegro’s rank improves

World Bank has published 2015 Doing Business rapport which includes 189 national economies. Montenegro moved up to 36th place overall in the Doing Business 2015 world ranking list including 189 countries, the World Bank announced in its annual report. Since 2008 (the 2009 Doing Business report), Montenegro has seen a