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Uruguay – Natural national branding

How is Uruguay shown in the world? According the Lonely Planet, Uruguay is a seaside playground, spectacular structures and spellbinding sunsets. We can’t agree more. Besides that, the best ambassadors of Uruguay are their athletes, especially footballers.

Uruguay, like other South American nations, is branded as “Natural”. Logo is stylized letter U. Inside U is Mayan sun, which can be seen on Uruguayan flag (as well as on the neighboring Argentinian flag).

Supporting graphics is joyful, just like some other South American national brands, e.g. Paraguay.

However, we have no opinion that this logo has successfully accomplished its mission. It is impersonal a bit, and we think that there must be better solution for branding this nation.

What would Homer Simpson say on branding of Uruguay? 🙂
U, and more Horns

Good side of this national branding is Unification of Ministries’ logos. Also, branding project supports national companies. These are the standards of the Uruguayan national brand: