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EP: Adopted Resolution on Montenegro

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European Parliament adopted the Resolution on Montenegro, which highlighted the need to further reform the country’s judicial system and boost media freedom, while underlining the progress Montenegro has made as the only country in the region opening and provisionally closing some negotiating chapters. The Resolution welcomed Montenegro’s full alignment with the

Business cluster support programme in Montenegro

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Montenegrin Ministry of Economy has announced the call for 2015-2016 Business Cluster Support Programme. Aim of the programme is financial support to entrepreneurs, micro and small-to-medium enterprises which are 100% owned by private sector, in order to overcome business "bottlenecks". Financial support is focused on covering costs of procurement (excluding

2015 Doing Business: Montenegro’s rank improves

World Bank has published 2015 Doing Business rapport which includes 189 national economies. Montenegro moved up to 36th place overall in the Doing Business 2015 world ranking list including 189 countries, the World Bank announced in its annual report. Since 2008 (the 2009 Doing Business report), Montenegro has seen a

Statistics: 2013 Montenegro in Figures

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Statistical Office of Montenegro Monstat has published 2013 publication "Montenegro in Figures". The publication covers major Montenegrin statistical figures, such as geography, climate, population, vital statistics, employment, wages, GDP, HCI, prices, agriculture, forestry, industry, construction, crossborder trade, tourism, transportation, education, culture, pension insurance and crime. Download: Monstat

2014DB: Montenegro’s rank improves

Montenegro moves up to 44th place overall in the Doing Business 2014 world ranking list including 189 countries, the World Bank announced today in its annual report. According to the report, Montenegro implemented most notable reforms in the areas of “issuing construction permits” and “property registration” improves. In the area of

Statehood day of Montenegro

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Montenegro celebrates July 13th - the Statehood day, commemorating the July 13th 1878, when the Principality of Montenegro was fully internationally recognized as an independent and sovereign nation by all the Great powers in Europe; as well as July 13th 1941 when the people uprised against fascism in occupied Montenegro.

State symbols of Montenegro

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On July 12th 2004, Montenegro readopted traditional state symbols of Montenegro: Coat-of-Arms and Flag from Petrović-Njegoš Dynasty period. Also, the anthem "Oj, svijetla majska zoro" was formally adopted. National symbols of Montenegro upon adoptation State symbols of Montenegro are: the Flag, Coat-of-Arms, and the Anthem. In the following months, state symbols were

7 years since the Declaration of Indepencence of Montenegro

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Following the official results of the organised Referendum on Independence of Montenegro, on the On 3rd June 2006, the Parliament of Montenegro has adopted the Decision and Declaration of Independence of the Republic of Montenegro. Proglašenje nezavisnosti Crne Gore 3 jun 2006 from Mon10egro on Vimeo.

Montenegro keeps Ba3 credit rating

In its annual credit report on Montenegro, Moody's Investors Service says that Montenegro's Ba3 government bond rating reflects the economy's small size and dependence on foreign investment as well as the economic and institutional benefits of Montenegro's progress towards EU membership. The outlook on the rating is stable. The rating agency's

Independence day

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Independence day of Montenegro - May 21st Today, on 21st May 2013, Montenegro celebrates 7th year since the successful organisation of the 2006 Independence Referendum. On Referendum, 55.45% of the total voters expressed their opinion in favour of restoring the independent Montenegrin state, after the Kingdom of Montenegro lost its independence in