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Dialogue on topics crucial for Montenegro’s EU integration

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Government initiates broadest dialogue on topics crucial for Montenegro’s EU integration

The Government will initiate the broadest political and social dialogue on topics critical to the successful completion of our European integration process, it was decided at Cabinet’s 155th thematic session chaired by Prime Minister Duško Marković.
Given Montenegro‘s firm commitment to become a member of the European Union, which is our vital national priority and an interest that has no alternative, the Government indicates that we are facing the most challenging, final phase of membership negotiations.
As a leader in the process, Montenegro has a particular responsibility to continue to successfully meet the commitments of the European agenda.
The European Commission will very soon introduce a new negotiation modality, which, although it will primarily target those countries that have not yet started this process, provides an additional opportunity.
Montenegro must invest all its political, social and institutional capacities, as a state and society as a whole, to reach an agreement jointly and find political consensus on European integration issue. The current social and political context dictates additional accountability to citizens – precisely that differing views on other issues would not overshadow our unique European course.
The Government of Montenegro is fully committed to any model that should provide the conditions for this to happen.


155. sjednica Vlade Crne Gore (03.02.2020.)

Therefore, Montenegro has the strength and capacity to gather around the European goal in an election year, at a crucial time for the further dynamics of our integration. The first and most important step in this direction is to strengthen mutual trust through the continuation of political and broader social agreement on the conditions for elections, which are directly related to our European agenda.
To this end, the Government, as the branch of government with the most functional influence but also with the most responsibility for the overall state of society, is fully prepared and open to discuss all issues essential to our democratic development.
We want this dialogue to start as soon as possible with all political and social actors who share the European goal, it was concluded at the session.
The Cabinet has authorised Prime Minister Duško Marković to inform all relevant political and social actors about the Initiative.

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